Resolution Progress Tracker

The Resolution Progress Tracker (RPT) is a simple way to keep track of progress towards my resolutions for the current year.

Attend at least 4 conferences
ICT2Business Runway Event
Publish talaria 1.0
currently @ 0.6 with plenty of open TODOs
Get at least 2 commits into Elixir
Write 20 blog posts
Implement the GTD SPA
Learn 250 Kanji
Write a dang good master's thesis
Finalize erli (for real)
loads of open issues, mostly frontend/usability related
Swim 5k in under 3hrs
practice ongoing
Trekk over 500km
next planned trekk in spring will be ~300km
Visit 5 countries
Amass 50 LPs
on hold
Eat healthy - less refined sugars and carbs
Making progress, stopped consumtion of all drinks beside tea and water.

Eventually this will be more visually appealing ;)