Posted 05 Nov 2014. Tagged: js and bower

While working on talaria I usually test all changes using my blog locally. Originally, I kept copying the updated talaria.js over after every change as I had troubles with jekyll serve and symlinks.

Annoyed, I did what I should have done much earlier! I read the bower documentation. Turns out they have a very simple solution:

# cd /path/to/talaria
bower link
# cd /path/to/blog
bower link talaria

talaria is now symlinked back to its root repository. Once I want to get rid of the symlink I can just run bower uninstall talaria.

While this approach is simple and cleaner than manual copying or symlinking, I still run into the issues with jekyll serve and symlinks: to see my changes I am forced to reload jekyll manually.

Posted 30 Sep 2014. Tagged: hiking and travel

The southern Kungsleden runs from Storlien to Sälen, in close proximity to the Swedish-Norwegian border. It is far less traveled than its northern counterpart, but is said to offer equally stunning landscapes and vistas - and stunning they were.

Starting out A view of the Reva

We spent 12 days hiking from Storlien to Grövelsjön and another 4 days exploring the Norwegian Fjäll west of Grövelsjön. Overall, we hiked close to 300km. You can find some impressions on Flickr.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather. The worst we encountered was a short-lived drizzle; even the mosquitoes seemed to leave us alone most of the time!

It has only been one week since, but I could already return for another round of hiking. The Fjäll has been different from all my previous hiking experiences, with the Allemansrätten offering a hitherto unexperienced kind of freedom. Additionally, the Swedes were incredibly friendly and even in the remotest corners everyone spoke fluent English. Surprisingly, a number of Swedes we met also spoke German.

Most of the people we encountered were regulars and, after our experiences, it is easy to see why. Next time, and there will be a next time, I aim to head further north into even more remote areas.

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