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DjangoConfEU, #djangoisland, ended last Saturday. I have my boss to thank for sponsoring the trip. The Île des Embiez off the southern coast of France was a wonderful choice of a location. The conference started with three days of talks, without going into too much detail - all talks were recorded - the quality of was really high. To me, a few stood out from the rest though:

For detailed descriptions of all talks, I highly recommend @reinoutvanrees awesome talk-by-talk summaries.

Overall, I learned a lot of things from the talks and took a long list of things to investigate, review and adopt. For example:

The sprints were great fun. I got my first commit into Django and really enjoyed the atmosphere of ‘getting things done’ that was palpable throughout the two days of sprinting.

Even if django wasn’t a viable choice of framework (and it most certainly is), its community alone would be worth sticking with it. Far from being limited to Europeans, #djangoisland drew participants from all over the world. The fact that all participants were quartered in the same hotel had the beautiful effect of having everyone eating together three times a day. This made meeting and interacting much more natural and prevented the kind of clustering that frequently occurs otherwise. Equally, the wide variety of the participants’ backgrounds made for very diverse and interesting conversations that frequently lasted (way too) late into the night. The wonderful catering certainly helped too.

On the topic of catering, I think most participants would agree that the food was excellent. The location itself was stunning. And we had the fortune of having blue skies for the duration of the conference with the mediterranean temperatures offset by a wonderful breeze all day long. Taking a stroll around the island was a very rewarding experience, with multiple small beaches to enjoy and a rather monstrous goat to be seen - its size and huge horns had become rather infamous by the end of the conference.

I am looking forward to next year in Cardiff!

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A simple redirect in nginx:

server {
    listen 80;
    server_name tibidat.com;
    return 303 $scheme://blog.tibidat.com$request_uri;

Minimalistic and very readable. Note the usage of a 303; this leaves the option of adding other subdomains later without worry of clients with cached 301s.

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